Why Should I Meditate?

I remember all through out my life growing up in a ministry family hearing different ministers talk about the importance of meditating God's Word. As I was sitting in my seat listening to the message being brought forth I would quietly ask inside "How do you mediate?"I would hear the minister then say it is different than confessing the Word, and instead it was muttering God's Word over and over again in your heart. I am now convinced more than ever that for us to hear God and follow His will for our lives it is of most importance to meditate God's word. I did not really understand the importance of meditation until I started helping as a HealingTech at the Prayer and Healing Center at Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. As I was training, I learned the importance of meditation.

Young Israeli soldier meditating the Torah & praying at the Wall in Jerusalem

Young Israeli soldier meditating the Torah & praying at the Wall in Jerusalem

There are many scriptures that tell us why we should mediate God's Word. In Joshua 1:8 it says that it will lead you to a successful and prosperous life. How does meditating cause you to succeed? When you are meditating you are taking God's thoughts and patterns of thinking to replace your own. I like to see it as HolyGhost surgery on our souls(mind,will,and emotions.) A renewing of the mind is taking place as we mediate the word. I believe that mediating is the primary foundation of our Christian walk. 

The Holy Spirit is our helper, and He will teach you how to meditate the Word. I think that us humans try to make everything a ritual and how it should be a three step process for everything we do. You may be asking but if there is no order how do I know what to do? Good question let me answer you with a question.When you are praying about different situations in your life do you pray the same way about each one? I believe the answer should be no. If you pray the same way for everyone and everything that you pray for I believe it would not be as effective as if you were being led by your Spirit. This is what God's word says in Romans 8:14(AMP),"For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God." Meditating is coming forth out of our spirits, who we are.When we are mediating we are to be led by our Spirits with the guide of the HolySpirit. 

 All different religions use mediation for their form of calming the mind. I believe that they rely on their own self efforts to meditate. They open the door and allow the enemy to have control over their minds. Remember everything the devil does is a counterfeit from God and His Word. He knows the power of meditation, and will try to use it over you in a negative way. Have you ever had thoughts that come into your mind that did not line up with God's word, and would try to cause you to be in unbelief? You start thinking about all the negatives that could happen in that situation and feel fear trying to come upon you. This is the negative side of mediation and it is called worry. Sometime in our lives we have had the opportunity to worry whether it is over our families, finances, or whatever else. 

 God's way to meditate is the opposite of worry. When you meditate God's Word you will have a peaceful mind. I encourage you to look at Hebrews 4:12 there is a comparison with God's Word and a two-edged sword, it says that the word is even sharper. The word will cut through strongholds in your mind, you will start thinking like the Word. Jesus is the Word made flesh(John1:14). As you meditate you will begin to think like Him.

In a soon coming vlog (video) I will demonstrate my personal practices of meditating God's Word.

I have enjoyed having this time to write and help encourage you on the importance and application of meditating God's Word!