Seasons Are Only For A Season

Wow! It has been way to long since I have blogged on my website. 

So much has happen since I last updated but I want to share with you what has been on my heart.

Kenneth Hagin & Rhema Prayer School | Tulsa OK

Kenneth Hagin & Rhema Prayer School | Tulsa OK

In this season of serving my grandmother, the Holy Spirit has been bringing to my attention of asking her questions to glen from the wisdom and understanding that is inside of her. Each season in life is precious, but those seasons are not forever. I've never wanted to look back in my life ,and regret not appreciating the season that God had for me at that time. Have I always been thankful for that season in my life when in them? No way! But thank God for His grace to help strengthen us in those moments!

In every season that God has called us to is preparation for the next season that He is preparing us to get to. Whenever I get an opportunity I love to go back to prayer school located at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I served in the prayer school and tried my best to be there every time the doors opened. Little to my knowledge that down the road I would be traveling all over the world with my grandmother, and helping her with prayer at her ministry. I know that I would not be able to do what I do today if I did not obey God in that season of my life. When I go back to prayer school my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude, and I almost want to cry happy tears because words cannot express how thankful I am for that season. My heart is forever connected to prayer school and enjoy the times I can visit, but I always know I can never get that season back in my life.

Remember those special seasons or times in your life that you wish you could go back into time and revisit? Maybe those times were with someone who helped mentor you, and deposit spiritual wisdom in you. How differently you look at those times now in your life. It's like the more time goes on the more precious those moments are to us.  

Let's inquire of the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit what is He wanting us to learn from in this season of our life. What does He want to teach us,and show us through His Word? What is He speaking to you about in this season of your life?  Remember this season won' t last forever...