Where has time gone? 

I've heard my grandmother say many times before that time will be accelerated before the second coming of the Lord.  It seems the more time goes on the more proven that statement is. I believe part of this new year is a time of preparing the way of the Lord.   

There is much preparation that takes place for big events. Usually the bigger the event the more preparation time there is. Just think of last Christmas and all the preparation made before. Getting the food ready, shopping for loved ones, decorating the house. Usually preparation time can take place months before an event sometimes even  years!

The 2nd coming of the Lord has had much preparation time. I would say it's a pretty big event wouldn't you? The 1st and 2nd coming of the Lord are the two biggest events of all history, and I believe your life has been prepared to help make ready for His coming!

When you are preparing something is done in order to get ready for the event. Lots of planning takes place and arrangements are made. God has planned His coming before the world was even made. He has planned each of our lives. The Lord knows how to place the right people in your life, and connect you with your destiny. 

Looking back in my life and seeing how God brought people across my path. I did not even know at the time was apart of my destiny, and was preparation for the time ahead in the 2nd coming of the Lord. I didn't have to force it to happen either. I just had to follow His orders. When God leads you it's easy and always the right time. 

Let God lead you in 2015, and direct your life., God wants to bring you to new places in the Spirit and in the natural this year!

 He is coming SOON and YOU have an important part to play!