You Are Royalty


Sometimes our spiritual lives can get so easily into a routine.  With everything pulling for your attention it can be hard to keep focused when you go to pray. I've experienced where I was going to set a part a time to seek the Lord for direction, and suddenly all these thoughts were pressuring me about things that needed to get done that day. I think we all have experienced this before. Ironically as I'm writing this my phone starts ringing, and it forced me to refocus my attention. 

 There have been seasons in my life when my mind didn't understand everything that was going on. I would often hear the Holy Spirit asking me deep inside….do you trust me? Sometimes in these times of trusting there can be misunderstandings. People may not always understand what God has placed in your heart. You don't have to defend yourself.  If you are doing what God asks of you then that is all that matters. He will take care of everything else.

Regardless of what someone says about you or what you say about yourself. We need to hear what our Father God says about us. He says are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people…(1 Peter 2:9) He says you are royalty.

God has called you to be who He has made you to be for what He has called you to do for these last days. God is looking at our hearts. Will you carry out the assignment that He has given you? When Mary was given a promise from God to carry Jesus in her womb she had to overcome what people were saying about her. I'm sure not everybody believed her when she told them that she was pregnant with the Son of God. 

As you spend time with God let Him show you who you are in His Word. Who He created you to be. A child of God.


Let's just step onto our Father God's feet and grab His hands, and let him take us where He wants us to go.