Our Last Hug On Earth- In honor of Carol Cooper

I’m writing this blog to honor my spiritual mother Carol Cooper— a “mother” to many all over the world.

To Carol or “Tulsa Mom” ( her name for herself)

My first year in Bible College you called me and asked me to come to your prayer group. I hesitated at first and said I don’t know how to get to your house! You were persistent!  I’m so glad you were! You opened your home to the Tulsa Prayer kids with such love and hospitality—you had a special place in your heart for every person that God has placed before you.

I remember watching you and your determination to pray- it was your passion and you demonstrated it to me and others. Once as we prayed together you got on your knees by your leather couch and prayed over an hour without moving. You encouraged others to pray in the Spirit and follow peace with every decision.

You weren’t caught up with Church politics, your relationship with Jesus was genuine—regardless of my last name being known in ministry, you always let me know you loved me for being me. When I poured out my heart you never would judged me!

Specifically I remember sitting on your dining room table talking to you asking for advice about a stressful situation. I’ll never forgot what you said to me, “Hannah just let the dust settle!” Thank You for always making time— if I needed to talk about something I could always send you a text. You were like that to everyone—you had a way of making everyone feel important around you!

Your heart was to do the Father’s will. You were always encouraging me to look to God for everything. You had such a passion for this generation and never looked down on the younger. Your eyes lit up every time you mentioned what God was doing in these end times.

I remember our last embrace on earth. You were standing in your kitchen corridor with your arms extended out for a hug. As we hugged I could feel your petite Italian frame squeezing against me; I felt something was different. When I  put on my coat you asked me where I was going—as usual I could never get passed your firm questions—little did I know it would be our last conversation before eternity. 

How I look forward to the day in Heaven that we embrace each other with a hug that will last forever!

Forever Grateful to our Heavenly Father for you,

Matthew 6:33  

Seek you first the Kindom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you ( one of your favorite scriptures).