Australian Adventures with God

I am writing to you from tomorrow in Australia, according to the time difference. Pretty crazy! huh?!

 There is no way to describe in words this trip to Australia thus far, but I will try my best. I am journaling from our hotel that has a view of the beach from the balcony, as you can see in the picture. It is stunning! Mentally I was not sure how this trip would be for me but I knew that God was in it and that it would be life changing. It seems like there have been many "Mary moments" on this trip for me. Remember when she pondered those things in her heart that God was revealing to her?

If you've traveled the world you probably have observed the culture and people that were around you. It seems like there is a perspective shift in the way you think, see others, and the way you see yourself. There is so much more to life than how we think "life should be done." Personally it has humbled me to see people love God from a pure vessel, and put themselves last to serve in His kingdom. It has been quite amazing to be honest with you.

 Mimi and I were just at Rhema Australia, which is located in Brisbane, with Patsy and Tony Cameneti. I believe it was the second day of our arrival from the States that Patsy and Tony took us to  lunch with some of the Rhema Australia staff. At the table Mimi was sharing stories about Brother Hagin and her days working of being an employee in Tulsa, Ok at Rhema. Part of her job was to help with the Word of Faith magazine. She asked Brother Hagin if it would be alright to put a picture of him and his wife in the magazine. The faith message had been growing and people were listening to his teaching and were interested in what he looked like. Brother Hagin told Mimi that He would pray about it and let her know.

A few days later He came back and said the Lord said it would be alright to have the picture in the Word of Faith. The Lord told him he had proven himself to be of no reputation and that people could see what he looked like. As we were sitting there I immediately thought of where that verse is found in Philippians chapter 2. Jesus the son of God became a servant to mankind. This was a "Mary moment" for me. I began pondering in my heart. Brother Hagin, a man of God who is the Father of the Faith, made himself of no reputation so that Jesus would be glorified. Learning from this, we know that it is our call from God to glorify Jesus. 

The more revelation we have of making ourselves of no reputation, the more that God will use us, because He knows we won't take His glory. Doesn't this make you want to step back and check your own heart? I know it does mine. I believe this is something that we are to let the Holy Spirit check up on us daily to see the motives of our heart.

 Jesus' return is not far away. He wants to use us in ways like never before. First He must prune us of making ourselves of "no reputation" so He can be glorified!