Jesus First - Journal #02 (Mozambique Africa)

Jesus should always come first in our lives. If we don't look to Jesus as our source then we will never find true happiness. When you look to Jesus you can never be disappointed! People can know who you are and think you're totally amazing, but if you don't know Jesus intimately you will continuously strive. 

Jesus has made Himself so real to me this past month while I've been in Africa. He has expressed how I can't do anything if He isn't in it. If I don't look to Jesus as my source then I won't be satisfied in my soul. I am thankful for miracles, signs, and wonders but I want to seek the One who performs those things who He is.  Not just for what He does. I love Jesus because of His worthiness and His love for me.  Jesus comes before my family, desires, everything. 

It would be hard to write about everything that's happened during this time but I want to get across what God has spoken to me. Mama Heidi preached recently from the text John 15. She asked everyone who wanted more fruit in their lives to raise their hands. If you're a Christian then you should want to produce spiritual fruit for God. After we raised our hands Mama Heidi said we need to pray for more fire. God wants to burn up everything in you that doesn't glorify Him. 

Jesus wants us to abide in Him as we do the will of God in our lives. God wants us to walk in holiness so we can carry His presence wherever we go. 

Jesus has been anchoring my soul in this time of being in a third world nation. Jesus is the key to walk in this life abundantly. 

I'd encourage you to read John 15 and let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you read. 

Blessings from Africa,