Radical Love ❤️

Radical love for God can be scary to some. It may be too extreme for the average joe. But God calls us as His children to surrender our hearts fully to Him.

God doesn’t want just our Sundays or 15 minutes in our mornings — He wants to be our ALL in ALL!

A simple smile makes a difference.

A simple smile makes a difference.

The holidays can be an emotional time for some—people hurt more. A smile to the Starbuck’s worker and saying thank you means so much. The most simplest things can brighten someone’s day–don’t make it hard.

Jesus stopped for people as the HolySpirit guided Him. Whether it was just one person like the woman at the well or a whole multitude on a hillside. There is a whole world waiting to experience this radical love for God.

Even though I’ve been raised in a Christian home I still had to chose to know God for myself. I still had decisions to make that not everyone agreed with. Radical love for God doesn’t come from your family. Of course they can help instruct you in the things of God but not by force. You have to have your own relationship with Jesus.


When I was 16 a major trial had come in my family that left me in a situation where I had to trust God for myself. I decided to follow God because of my belief and not just because of my family. I chose to follow radical Love!

Let Jesus become more than a Sunday morning or a 15 minute devotional. Let Love become your ALL and ALL this year.

“I love each of you with the same love that the Father loves me. You must continually let my love nourish your hearts.

John 15:9 (Passion Translation)