Aloha from Hawaii - Let the Lord Guide Your Steps Today

Proverbs 16:9 " A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs His steps and makes them sure."

     How true this scripture is to my life. As I am sitting outside in Hawaii drinking my green tea frappe thanking God for His goodness to be here. Looking back just even a year ago and not knowing what would take place in the days to come. Every decision that we make whether it seems big or small will play a part to our future somehow. How thankful I am to know to follow God and to be led by His Spirit. 

     I believe that we are all accountable to hear and obey the Lord. I can remember two significant instances in my life that I know had played a major role for my future. When I was 18 years old praying in the Spirit to God to show me the next step for my life. I already knew in my heart what I was suppose to do,but just wanted to be sure. I began praying in the Spirit and strong in my Spirit came, "I already told you what to do."  Suddenly there was not unction to pray anymore. Almost as if it was finished. I already knew what God wanted me to do, which was go to Bible school, but now it was up to me to obey. I still had a choice and I still had to obey.

When you travel it changes your outlook on life.  It is so easy to get used to the way life is and be comfortable where you live and how you do things. Traveling opens your eyes to other cultures, and people who live life differently than you.  

Dancing to the Lord's Prayer in the Hawaiin language 

Dancing to the Lord's Prayer in the Hawaiin language 

You see God's heart when you travel. He loves variety. It's ok to be different. The Holy Spirit may lead you differently than He leads someone else. He didn't call you to be someone else. He made you to be who you are in Him. Your part counts because it's in Him. We are all apart of Jesus. In this picture are three beautiful young women who danced to the Lord's prayer in the Hawaiian language at the church service last night. It was beautiful.


God created all people and not everyone to be the same.  He created us to be like Him. God is so diverse. 

What is God calling you to do today? What decisions does He want you to make for your life? What is He speaking to your heart about concerning your future?

MALAHO (thank you) for taking the time to read this. I pray the Lord leads you every day and in every step you take.